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Tips on making that skincare splurge worth it

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So you've managed to bring yourself to spend quite a lot of moohlah than usual on this skincare cream your friends (both online and in real life) have been raving about. Now you want this shit to last and get the most bang for your buck. Here are a few tips to make your money worth it.

Tip # 1: No waste

Don't squeeze the damn thing on your palms, rub your palms together and then apply the cream on your face. You waste so much product on your hands. By the time the cream reaches your face, a lot of it would have been already absorbed by your palms. Instead, squeeze little dots on the tip of your finger and immediately apply on an area of your face. Repeat until you got your whole face covered. Now with your fingertips, spread it all over your face. If you have any residue on your fingertips, massage it on your neck area. Nothing goes to waste here my dear.

Tip # 2: Make that shit work double time

To get the most out of your expensive facial cream, sometimes what you do (or apply for that matter) before using it can make a world of difference. Make sure you always have a clean slate to work with so wash that beautiful face of yours before anything else. Then use a good toner and let it dry. Next, use a good facial serum and apply evenly on your face. Once that has settled, apply your prized facial cream using the technique in Tip # 1. You can opt to skip the toner but using a good serum is truly a game changer.

Tip # 3: Single application

Usually you can get away with using it once a day, specifically at nighttime. Use your regular (cheaper) facial moisturizer with a good SPF during the day and save your primo stuff before going to bed. It will have a better (and longer) time working it's magic when you're in bed and not exposed to the sun, day to day dirt and grime and your skin is actually resting.

That's all for today folks! Share with us your before and after pics at @matchaskincare.

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