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Simple, clean & green 2016.

by Marge Maghoney

The holidays are over and the new year's just around the corner. 2015 came and went in a blink and though each day is technically a clean slate each morning, there's something about starting a new YEAR that brings a lot of hope and a lot of promise. A day seems but a page but a year feels a whole lot like a new chapter.
So for 2016, I intend to:
1. Live simpler.
2. Be cleaner.
3. Be greener.
Being the poster child for Virgo, # 2 seems to be missing a question mark (I'm organized as fuck). But I'm referring to the stuff I put in and use on my body. As soon as I finish off all my personal care items, I'll start using natural ingredients for treatments. And by natural I mean my version of farm to table, in this case, kitchen to body. The goal is to veer away from harmful chemicals and anything artificial. I love Matcha and I see that being a staple. I already have various treatment recipes that I can't wait to try and share with you. Not a fan of waste, I will go through all my remaining products on hand and perhaps gradually transition by mixing them up with fruit, oils and honey in the pantry.
This ties in #1. I have an inner shopaholic that I'm taming in the coming year. I look at the things I own + more in the storage and realize I can do without any more shopping sprees in 2016. I have way more than I need. Way more than necessary. 
I already had a head start this past Christmas using the supplies I already have. That came out to about 90% of our gifts being handmade by myself. Shoot, I'm in the handmade + creative business, so why not? And it turned out great. The ladies received an assortment of Matcha Skin and Happee Body products, made a custom set for men comprised of a Peppermint + Charcoal Men's Soap and a Peppermint Lip Balm. The teens all got hot chocolate gift baskets with jars of cocoa, bags of marshmallow, candycanes and a custom mug with their names on it. Only John, the girls and both sets of parents got store bought items.
I've also started a little bit with # 3 -- be greener. Literally and figuratively. I want to surround myself with green -- all kinds of plants -- but I want to take it a step further by planting fruits, veggies and herbs for our daily consumption. You can't get any fresher than that. 
* I have a dream project of random planting in random places. Imagine no one ever getting hungry again with fruits and veggies ready for the picking wherever you go.*
We're not huge fans of fast food and are already used to daily home cooked meals but I want to step it up just a notch by eating better, healthier and minimize crap -- fat, carbs, sugar -- and eat more vegetables on top of everything else. I also want to replace all house cleaning items with natural cleansers I'll concoct myself. I'd rather smell lemon all over the house than Lysol or Pinesol.
Who's with me for a simpler, cleaner and greener 2016?
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