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Matcha Scrub Bulk Pricing for Spas & Nail Salons

by Marge Maghoney

Matcha's the latest and greatest in skincare. And with its powerhouse of antioxidants, fabulous for anti-aging and eliminating blemishes, this is the perfect treat for your customers to welcome the new year with clear and flawless skin.
A fabulous fusion of ceremonial grade Matcha, Manuka honey, organic cane sugar, extra virgin coconut oil and pandan essence, not only does it smell scrumptiously good to eat but feels out of this world amazing with its velvety after feel. Absolutely perfect for the face and the whole body.
You can order it as it is (my peronal preference) or tailor it with a scent using organic oils and botanicals to match the season.
This will no doubt be a hit with your clients. Be the first to offer it!
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