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Matcha All Around Balm

by Marge Maghoney

It was my best friend's birthday last week and among the things I sent her in her birthday package was a Matcha Skin lip balm. She happily reported back that she loved it, saying it improved both texture and color of her usually pale lips. She then ordered a bunch of other products from the Matcha Skin collection
I love spreading the gift of Matcha and see how others discover how awesome this ingredient is. The day after my friend placed her order, she texted me again telling me about how she had redness and bumps on her chin the previous night due to trying to squeeze out whiteheads. She said she applied some of the Matcha lip balm and it was gone the following morning! Reading that was definitely a good way to start my day. 
You see, I promote it as a lip balm but it's good for so many other things, an all-around healing balm. It's a potent combination of ceremonial grade Matcha green tea, organic coconut oil, Manuka honey, organic beeswax and organic peppermint oil. 
Matcha contains chlorophyll, a strong detoxifier, that proactively gets rid of harmful toxins and battles free radicals that harms cells needed to protect our skin. It is also great for acne as it decreases sebum production. Ladies (and gentlemen) worried about fine lines and wrinkles will be happy to know that Matcha protects our skin from harmful UV rays that promote premature aging
Peppermint has Omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin A & C, calcium, iron, potassium, and magnesium. It heals dry skin and whip blemish-prone skin back into shape.
The organic coconut oil, Manuka honey and organic beeswax is simply a trifecta of deep moisturizing nourishment for the skin.
Here are ways you can use the Matcha lip balm:
1. Lip balm.
2. Skin irritant soother.
3. Cuticle softener.
4. Heals windburn.
5. Soothes sting of minor burns.
6. Conditions dry elbows and knees.
7. Excellent remedy for teh treatment of diaper rash.
8. Ultimate mousturizer for dry cracked heels. 
9. Softens calloused hands.
10. Pampers dry patches on face.
How else have you tried using the Matcha (lip) balm?
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